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RETROFLAM  is a unique blend of  natural ingredients and essential nutrients that has been formulated by one of Australia’s leading Equine Nutritionists and Herbalists. It was developed using current evidence based scientific clinical research. RETROFLAM will support and promote healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients,  balanced gut microflora, and promote a strong, healthy immune system. RETROFLAM  contains ingredients proven to assist in the health of the lining of the glandular and non-glandular portions of the equine stomach.  It can assist to reduce  acidosis in the hindgut.  It may assist healthy weight gain by encouraging eating for poor doers as it promotes better nutrient absorprion,  and may reduce the incidence of stress related issues, such as loose manure, as a result of hind gut imbalances.


Natures Farmacy's Retroflam contains:

Phosphatidylcholine Lecithin to maintain healthy mucous membranes, Live Probiotic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, nervous system supporting B vitamins and important ingredients to support your horse's  immune function.  It also contains a  hind gut pH balancer marine calcium, magnesium and the essential amino acids Glutamine and Threonine to support optimal gut health and nutrient absorption.

*For assistance with existing gastrointestinal health issues, seek Veterinary advice*. 



Directions for use -

Keep sealed in a cool place

Shake bag contents from time to time to redistribute ingredients that may settle

Mix into slightly damp feed to prevent "sifting out"


Serving Size


Maintenance - 60g per day (2 scoops)


Existing digestive imbalance **  ( 3.6 kg needed - contact NF for serving size/suitability for your individual horse first (see contact information below)) **

500kg horse

180g (6 Scoops all in one feed) for 10 days then

120g (4 scoops all in one feed) for 7 days  usually - but at day 4 of this serve size, contact  NF to discuss your horse's progress.


** Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing gastrointestinal health issues.


Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of this product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email


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  • Linda C - April 2024

    "Hi Julie. I just wanted to mention a recent success with your products, though I shouldn't be surprised when they work anymore. I bought a yearling gelding in January who is inherently calm and confident but was also very mouthy. I expect some of that with yearling geldings, but he was over the top. So, I decided to start him on Retroflam (TM) just in case it was related to gut discomfort, and within 3 days his mouthiness reduced by 90%."

    Debbie H – July 2023

    “We have finished the full course of the Retroflam and changed his diet and honestly he is a different horse.”

    Renee P – July 2023

    “We have been using the Retroflam for just on three weeks now. What a difference! She is getting back to the horse she was before. Her coat is looking much better, her attitude around us is much more pleasant!”

    Julie J – April 2023

    “Just wanted to say thank you for your recommendation and supply of Retroflam last year for my newly gelded 3yo Welsh pony. He was showing signs of aggression (not previously seen) a few weeks post op and he was not feeling great. Well, he has come ahead leaps and bounds, looks great and is turning out to be a special and much-loved member of our family.”

    Cassie C - November 2022

    "My horse has been on Retroflam for 3 weeks now and he is doing so amazing, back to his normal sweet self and putting on so much weight. Thank you so much for your wonderful product."

    Louise F - October 2022

    "I'm in love with this Retroflam. I am already noticing a massive difference in Molly. Heaps more playful and affectionate already."

    Nancy H - September 2022

    " Retroflam was my lifesaver. I was ready to move my horse on and Retroflam was my last resort. The Vet treatments did not work. He is an extremely sensitive gelding, so he also gets Gastroclean from them as well... He was girthy, jumpy and unpredictable. He was scoped with hind gut grade 2 ulcers, and not even 3 months on and rescoped all clear!"

    Leeann P - September 2022

    "I purchased 2 pkts of Retroflam a couple of weeks ago for my TB. We are on day seven now and I am incredibly happy with the result so far. He had a dull horrible coat, and he was not dropping it, he was irritable towards other horses, and he was a bit Ribby and did not want to move under saddle. He was also eating his dinner and just moving away and dropping his head like he was in pain. Vet checked him over and said ulcers, they wanted to start him on omeprazole, but I thought I would try Retroflam first. Now he has started dropping his coat, and starting to get a shine on him, he has put on weight, his attitude is changing as well. I have not ridden him yet as I want him to feel good before I do. I am one happy customer with the results so far”.

    Courtney W - August 2022

    "The Retroflam must be doing a great job. We have just been to Warwick for an ODE (10hrs Travel on Friday, Dressage Saturday, SJ + XC Sunday and then straight into the gooseneck for the 10+ hrs trip home). We only took one horse and normally he does not like to travel by himself. He travelled great, competed well, and got home looking as good as he left! So happy with how he is doing. Thanks!!!"

    Natalie S - June 2022

    "He's put on heaps of weight and seems way happier this past week! Significant improvement in behaviour!"

    Lee C - May 2022

    "I have an OTTB who was scoped with severe gastric and glandular ulcers, and nothing was working. I tried Retroflam for the past 8 months and was the best decision I have made. He has now been off it for 2 months and we have not had a colic episode for the last 10 months which was unheard of before! He is the happiest, healthiest and the shiniest he has looked. My Vet now even suggests it to people who have had similar troubles because of the results I've had with Retroflam."

    Jessica D - April 2022

    "My gelding looks amazing since being on the Retroflam. He has put on a lot of weight and filled out nicely. Our Stallion is also a lot calmer and not showing any anxiety at shows. Thank you!"

    Nancy H - March 2022

    "Was hanging out with my gelding who is on Retroflam yesterday and he is absolutely a changed horse. He is calm and getting back to when I first got him. So, thank you for everything!"

    Alissa J - January 2022

    "Thank you to Natures Farmacy, for the best ulcer treatment ever - Retroflam. It’s a miracle powder in my eyes!"

    Kaitlin S – February 2021

    ‘Retroflam has worked miracles on my extremely sensitive ulcer prone mare!!”

    Marissa M - November 2020

    ‘I got my guy Re-scoped last week and he was all clear! Super Happy as since the last scope I did not do vet meds and only your Retroflam and suggestions!”

    Danielle H – November 2020

    “I had great success with Retroflam, and my horse is currently fat, healthy, head to toe in dapples and most importantly ULCER FREE!”

    Olivia P – October 2020

    “I did a full course of Retroflam, for my mums gelding who could not put on weight, was anxious as they come, kicking in the stable, a ness under saddle etc… We are about a month and a half on now and I cannot keep the weight off him, and he is as quiet as a lamb under saddle. LOVE IT!!!”

    Lisa S – September 2020

    “I’m very relieved, my 22yo ex racehorse had been having almost weekly colic episodes and was looking bad. Vet was not sure what was up and put it down to his heart murmur… a friend suggested ulcers. Since being on the Retroflam he is bright as a button again!”