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**If your horse is on any VETERINARY prescribed medication please contact us before purchasing.**


Medical Herbalists use liquid herbal extracts from beneficial plants. The active ingredients are converted from a solid (the plant) to a liquid. They are more concentrated and more absorbable. The substances in the formula pass through the intestines easily and enter the horse’s bloodstream directly. A dried herb will first have to be digested by the correct intestinal bacteria. That takes longer and some of the components can be lost. In addition, the concentration of active ingredients is much higher in extracts.

Natures Farmacys Cushing's Support Tonic contains the following medical grade herbal extracts;

Chasteberry, Cats Claw, Dong Quai, Celery, Willow Bark*, St Marys Thistle, Chamomile*, Rosehips and dried herb Jiagolan.


Please contact us before ordering this tonic to get a free consult for your Cushings /PPID horse, to ensure this tonic is appropriate and to determine serving size


*- Herbal Extracts marked with * are swabbable and are not suitable for use if horses are competing. If you require a non-swab version, please select this option in the drop down menu.


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email

Cushings Support Tonic

PriceFrom $77.00
  • Arianna T - September 2020

    "I can definitely see some improvements in Montana over the last 3 weeks. More energy, spark back in eye and getting cheeky, finally starting to drop the dead coat."