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Medical Herbalists use liquid herbal extracts from beneficial plants. The active ingredients are converted from a solid (the plant) to a liquid. They are more concentrated and more absorbable. The substances in the formula pass through the intestines easily and enter the horse’s bloodstream directly. A dried herb will first have to be digested by the correct intestinal bacteria. That takes longer and some of the components can be lost. In addition, the concentration of active ingredients is much higher in extracts.

Natures Famacy's Respiratory support tonic contains the following medical grade herbal extracts;

Echinacea, Licorice (high grade), Horse raddish, Elecampagne, Red Clover, Rosehips, Mulien and Chamomile*.

*- Herbal extracts marked with * are swabbable and are not suitable for competiton use. If you require a non swab version of this, please select from the Drop down menu. 

Respiratory Support Tonic

PriceFrom $77.00
  • Annalise R - April 2022

    "I have noticed an improvement in my Cremellos cough too, so the Tonic must be working and she has been pretty fond of it too."

    Jo G - July 2021

    "I couldn't even ask him for a trot or he would cough and cough. So I started the Respiratory tonic, within two days, no cough. We did hills 2 days ago at walk trot and canter and no cough. Brilliant!"

    Kim E - April 2021

    "Just wanted to let you know your tonic has worked, I've just started riding hm again, something I doubted, it's amazing. Thank you so so much"

    Nai R- January 2021

    "Early days I know, I really thought Lacie wasnt going to make another morning last night. Another dose this morning and right now, her improvement is very noticeable with only 2 doses. Can only just see exertion when breathing out and wheezing has decreased considerably. Really looking forward to what happens as time goes on"

    Helan G - July 2020

    "Nearly finished the tonic for Tilly, she has been good. No signs of cough."

    Cassy C - April 2020

    "Super impressed with the respiratory tonic! Bonnie has barely coughed since starting it, even after exercise. She's galloping about happily and breathing alot easier. Thank you!"