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Physitis or epiphysitis is a developmental orthopaedic disease. Physitis is most commonly a disease of heavy, fast growing foals and is often seen in both thoroughbred and sport horse herds. It is more common in foals being supplemented with large amounts of hard feed.

Physitis is most usually a disease of heavy, fast growing foals and is often seen in both thoroughbred and sport horse herds. The problem is caused by overloading or compression of the spongier growth plate part of the bone. This causes inflammation primarily but can lead to alterations in the growth of the bone, which will cause lasting damage.

Avoiding physitis is generally a case of providing a balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients for growth without causing the foal to become overweight.

Subtle dietary deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals are also likely to have an effect. Calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc are understood to be the most important factors. Regular analysis of hay and grass as well as the concentrate is advised.

With early recognition of physitis and appropriate intervention the prognosis for foals with physitis is good with most mildly affected foals going on to expected sales and racing outcomes.**



Store dry and below 30°C. 

Mix supplement into damp feed.

1 scoop = 25g 

Recommended serving size  

ACUTE - 25g 

Maintenance - 15g

**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

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Growing Pains

PriceFrom $181.50
  • Phoebe G -  June 2022

    "So far first weanling to sales has clean X-Rays. It's encouragin! She grew too fast as a baby and was jointly but has turned out perfect."

    Said Weanling and Phoebe have recieved a massive result at an Australian Weanling sale being in the top 4 Highest Priced weanlings selling for $230,000. Congratulations Phoebe.

    Katrina L - April 2021

    "Thanks so much!! The Growing Pains is working beautifully. I showed the vets who did the surgery and they were impressed with the colts progress."