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SUBSTIBUE  Is a blend of potent medical grade liquid herbal extracts, proven to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, and calming effects and to aid in pain management and circulation.**


Medical Herbalists use liquid herbal extracts from beneficial plants. The active ingredients are converted from a solid (the plant) to a liquid. This has a much greater health effect than dried herbs. The substances within this formula pass through the intestines easily and enter the horse’s bloodstream directly. A dried herb will first have to be digested by the correct intestinal bacteria. That takes longer and some of the components can be lost. In addition, the concentration of active ingredients is much higher in extracts, than in dried herbs.


Serving size is from 10ml per day  or as instructed by Natures Farmacy


Substibute contains the following medical grade liquid herbal extracts.

Cats Claw, Baical Skullcap, Chamomile, Devils Claw, Willow Bark, Horsetail and Rosehip.
**Please Note - This product contains Willow bark and Devil's claw that require a 4-day withholding period prior to competition. If a non-swabbable formula is required please order the Non Swab version listed on the site.


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email



PriceFrom $38.50
  • Erin S - December 2022

    "The substibute is really helping my old guy with melanoma... I honestly thought i was going to have to consider putting him down. But He's moving better and he doesn't look miserable anymore." 

    Taylor M - December 2022

    "My horse has been on and off lame all the time, ever since I've owned him (3yrs)... He's been on Substibute for 2 days and I lunged him as he has been super foot sore after being shod recenty, and ive never seen him so comfortable and forward!!"

    Olivia J - December 2022

    "Just letting you know that Buddy is really responding well to your SubstiBute. He now stands like an absolute champ with head down ready for his medicine (no halter) nice and easy - day or night. I couldn't be happier! He is also came galloping up very happily... He was moving really well with a very happy expression on his fac. Been ages since he was able to do that!! I feel as though all the products I am using from you are working great!!"

    Codie W - June 2022

    "I'm sure your already know how good it is but i just wanted to let you know how bloody good your SubstiBute is!!! My gelding is the best he's been in weeks and we have had below freezing temps and snow for quite a few nights. I've been reccomending it to anyone that will listen."

    Stacey L - September 2021

    "Tango has been taking substibute for around 3 weeks. Popped the saddle on him, No negative reactions at all. Thank you for your help! I've reccomended it to all my friends."

    Lorraine M - April 2021

    "I have used this product on my horse with amazing results after trying other herbal butes without any success at all. I can highly reccomend this to other horse owners who want their older horses to be comfortable without risk to their gut health."

    Rachael P - January 2021

    "My boys swelling has already come down after 2 days of using your Substibute! I can't believe it! Im feeling so grateful and excited"

    Sue F - November 2019

    "Before using Substi-bute, Cherry has been locked up most of Winter, not being able to eat green grass without ending up with severe Laminitis.  Just before I started her on your product, I was only letting her out on an odd occasion, and only overnight.  She could be okay when I let her out at night.  But when I would get her in in the morning, she would be so bad that she could hardly walk.  It was just awful.   My equine vet had upped her Metformin and Levothyroxine, but it made no difference. 
    Now, since being on Substi-bute for a week and a half, she has been out in the paddock and trotting around for the last 5 days !!!  It is nothing short of miraculous !!!   I am not kidding !!!  If you could have seen how bad she was as to how she is now !!  It is truly a miracle."