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Medical Herbalists use liquid herbal extracts from beneficial plants. The active ingredients are converted from a solid (the plant) to a liquid. This has a much greater health effect than dried herbs. The substances within this formula pass through the intestines easily and enter the horse’s bloodstream directly. A dried herb will first have to be digested by the correct intestinal bacteria. That takes longer and some of the components can be lost. In addition, the concentration of active ingredients is much higher in extracts, than in dried herbs.


Serving size is from 10ml per day  or as instructed by Natures Farmacy


Head Shake Herbal Tonic contains the following medical grade liquid herbal extracts;

Baical Skullcap, St John's Wart, Oats Seed, Rosehips, Cats Claw, Albizia, Nettle Leaf, Horsetail.


This formula is competition safe.

Head Shake Herbal Tonic

PriceFrom $77.00