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OZIFLEX Equine Joint Food is recommended for horses no matter what age, breed, or intensity of exercise. It is recommended for aged, working, performance and intensely trained horses. Whether you have barrel racers, polo ponies, racehorses, reiners or pleasure horses, performance is critically affected by the health of your horses’ joints.

Osteoarthritis and other Degenerative Joint Diseases (DJD) are major causes of chronic lameness. Damage to joint cartilage and tissue is inevitable with stress placed on fetlocks, knees, hocks, and stifles during intense training - forces of up to 18,000 lbs. sq. inch can be exerted down through bones and joints during intense work. If your horse’s natural ability to repair itself is inhibited by a deficiency in joint nutrients, joints lose lubrication, and this can result in degenerative changes and eventually osteoarthritis. Joint specific nutrients can assist to stimulate cartilage regeneration, inhibit cartilage breakdown, suppress inflammation in the synovium, nourish synovial fluid and increase blood flow to cartilage. **

Oziflex contains the correct amounts of essential joint nutrients to help support your animal’s joint health. These include - Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen Peptides, MSM, Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, Methionine, Lysine, Vitamin E and B7 Biotin - Essential ingredients for joint health.

Serving size for standard formula is 22g per day.


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues


Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product,   to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email 

Oziflex Equine Joint Food TM

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PriceFrom $115.00
  • * Please note that Oziflex orders of 3.2kg or more have been priced to include an additional charge of $7.50 to cover postal insurance. 

  • Emily N - June 2023

    "This has already made such a huge difference in my mare - she's 19yo and I constantly get comments saying she runs around and moves like a four-year-old! I won't use anything else anymore."

    Angela S - June 2023

    "My horse was scanned again today, and the avulsion fracture is down to 2mm from 12mm, and the ligament is knitting and no black holes anymore. Great outcome after only 6 weeks of Oziflex"

    Jessica C - September 2022

    "Hamish has his feet done yesterday and wasn't lame at all last week! We have been riding and he has felt better than ever before!"

    Donna C - August 2022

    "My 4yo Filly has been on Oziflex for 2yrs in October for the Carpal Hygroma she had, which went after 2mths!"

    Shannon A - March 2022

    "Thank you for the Oziflex, it has been more helpful to my gelding than all other products on the market have been.”

    Aleksandra B - August 2021

    "Best Supplement ever! I feed this with her Happy Trails HA, and it works a treat!”

    Leila T - August 2021

    "I have 3 of my horses on Oziflex. 31yo pony, 28yo Stallion and a 9yo Ridden horse. They all feel a million dollars on it and love to go for a burn around the paddock to show us how mobile they are on it. I am honestly SO GLAD I found Natures Farmacy and Oziflex. I use three of NF's supplements and would not change a thing. My horses are glowing.”

    Judi P - August 2021

    "Definitely recommend Natures Farmacy products, I have a 30yo that bucks and runs around, no stiffness, Awesome products, you can’t go wrong."

    Jess D - April 2021

    "Honestly our horses have never been better! It is an absolute miracle blend for them! No more stiffness on those cold snap mornings we are having since we started them on it about a year ago."

    Kerryn H - August 2020

    "Ballet devours the Oziflex mixed in her feed, and I feel such a relief with her on this amazing supplement to help keep her joints healthy as she ages."

    Debbie E- April 2019

    “We have not long ago started our second pack of Oziflex, Vet check recently confirmed there is now lubrication in the joint, I think the inflammation has reduced and I was very shocked to see the old girl cantering downhill and throwing in quite a few good bucks on the way!”