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OXAMIN is used to support essential mineral balance where horses graze oxalate pastures and are at risk of nutritional calcium deficiency and for horses whose diets are high in phosphorous where phytates from grains and bran affect calcium absorption. **

Calcium has a role in normal growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, nervous system, muscle function, blood clotting mechanism and cardiac function.

Oxamin is suitable for pastures that contain the following grasses or other oxalate grasses:

Buffel, Panic, Kikuyu, Pangola, Para, Seteria, Signal, Beard, Birdwood, Guinea, Elephant/Napier, Purple Pidgeon, Couch.


Directions for use -

Keep Closed.

Store in a dry and cool place (under 30 degrees)

Mix Supplement into damp feed


1 Scoop = 25g

Daily serve = 15-30g per 100kg depending on oxalate issues and existing diet and health**

500kg Horse - up to 150g (6 Scoops)

**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues and

please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of this product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email



PriceFrom $33.00
  • Mia C - August 2021

    "I Absolutelyn love the oxamin. I'm thrilled with the difference"

    Alex P - December 2020

    "The lumps on his head have definitely gone down since he has been on the Oxamin"

    Claire M - October 2020

    "My sister ordered Oxamin for my mare and it has done wonders in reducing her big head, It's almost completely gone and she's never gone lame. My vet cleared her and now I'm finally riding her thanks to you! It is the only one that really helped"

    Kat S - April 2020

    "Just wanted to touch base with you regarding the toxin binder and Oxamin . 10/10. They have worked wonders"

    Lisa S - Febuary 2020

    "I wanted to pass on some good news. The little welsh ponies big head symptoms has dramatically reduced using your Oxamin. The owner was pretty excited. Vets told us his Facial features were there to stay."

    Emily M - October 2019

    "I Just want to let you know that the oxamin is amazing! It took a whie but my little mares face is nearly all gone doown. Thanks so much!"