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Calcareous Marine Algae (Lithothamnion) is a highly bio-available organic source of Calcium from marine algae which buffers/neutralises acid in the stomach and hindgut, which assists in the prevention and healing of erosion of the gastrointestinal lining. Marine Calcium assists in maintaining and promoting healthy digestive function and optimising absorption of essential nutrients. Calcareous marine algae also provide a range of other essential minerals such as Magnesium and trace minerals important for digestive function, metabolic processes, nervous system function and general health. Lithothamnion source Calcium has been shown in clinical scientific studies to increase by two-fold the acid buffering capacity* in horses’ stomachs and to heal gastric ulcers in 70%* of horses studied. It has also been shown to increase hindgut acid buffering by 54%* and to be more effective and longer acting as a hindgut acidosis buffer and to be more bioavailable than calcium in the form of inorganic calcium carbonate.

* - Source - Kentucky Equine Research


Directions for use - 

Keep sealed 

Store in a cool dry place 


Recommended daily serving (average 500kg Horse) - 30g (1 scoop)


Marine Calcium

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