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Lecithin is a phospholipid and choline compound (phosphatidylcholine) which prevents acid from affecting the lining of the stomach and hindgut, by binding to the gastrointestinal mucous membrane, to repel acids. This helps to reduce erosion of the epithelial layer of the gastrointestinal tract. Phospholipid supplementation promotes an environment that supports healing of membrane damage, while protecting the stomach from further acidic splash. Lecithin also stimulates mucous production in the lining of the GI tract which also helps protect it. The choline component of lecithin also helps support healthy nervous system function. Lecithin supplementation has been shown in clinicals trials to heal and reduce the incidence of stomach ulcer in horses. **


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email


Lecithin 1.5kg