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Mycosorb A+ is a beta-glucan yeast cell wall toxin binder with algae which absorbs Mycotoxins which impair animal health and performance through reduced feed conversion and reduced nutrient absorption, impaired reproductive performance, and depressed immune responses.


Actigen is the next generation concentrated natural equine digestive pathogen binder and prebiotic, that is derived from yeast cell walls. It can be used as a “food” source for the beneficial bacteria that are found in the natural flora of the digestive tract. It is an indigestible carbohydrate compound (Mannan Oligosaccharide that binds pathogens (like E. coli and Salmonella) present in the gut and activates the immune system.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a particular strain of live yeast which are metabolically active and secrete short chain lipids and peptides to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. It supports digestive function and has been thoroughly researched in horses and supported with peer-reviewed research. Probiotics are valuable in stabilising the hindgut microflora balance and support a low acid environment conducive to slow fibre digestion. They also support a healthy population of the bacteria that consume lactic acid, helping to avoid the gut acid swings that can cause so much trouble in hooves.


Directions for Use

1 scoop = 25g

Keep bag closed in cool place

Shake content occasionally to prevent settling

Mix into damp feed

Recommended serve 25-50g day for 500kg horse or as directed by Natures Farmacy ++

++ 50g may be required for existing mycotoxin symptoms

GastroCulture TM 1.5kg

SKU: 54654729
  • Sue S - March 2021

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    Bella T - September 2020 

    "GastrocCulture is amazing. He looks amazing and improving in attitude everyday. Thank you so much"

    Kristy R - April 2019

    "I just wanted to say how amaxing your GastroCulture is. I entered him in a national competition and i can honestly say the only thing i have changed since previous competitions is adding Gastroculture and it was the BEST RIDE OF MY LIFE! He was so relaxed and intune with me. His manurer was consistent and not sloppy as it has been previously to trying this. I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. I will be reordering! Thank you so much."

    Carissa K - April 2017

    "I decided to try GastroCulture. Couldn't hurt right? Well im glad we did. Uts Exaclty what Hope needed. She is back to her happy self all thanks to this wonderful product."