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 ‘Cool Calm and Collected’ TM  contains stomach and hind gut acid buffer, magnesium, specific amino acid, and B vitamins to support relaxation and focus for horses during times of stress and nervousness. **



Feeding Instructions

Mix 10g (or as directed by Natures Farmacy) into damp feed or in water and administered into horse’s mouth



Can be mixed with water and syringed into mouth or top dressed over feed


Daily dose 500kg horse

Maintenance—1/2—1 scoop


Nervous disposition

10g (1/2 scoop) twice daily


Leading up to competition &

High stress disposition**

30-40g (2-3 scoops) then reduce as required


* This product can be customised and made without Tryptophan 


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product, for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email

Cool Calm and Collected TM - Equine

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  • Donna C - November 2023

    I first started using Natures Farmacy products several years ago for my filly, and since then I have used Cool Calm and Collected on several horses under my care all for various reasons. One mare was extremely jumpy under saddle and showed severe anxiety behaviour with side to side head flicking that would often make her body physically sore. This mare’s behaviour has improved beyond words and her elderly rider is now enjoying regular lessons safely. I've also experienced a Gelding transformed with Cool Calm and Collected as he was highly sensitive under saddle. He is now a pony that you constantly have to kick along. We couldn’t be more happy with the results we have experienced.  

    Carolyn M - October 2023

    After feeding Cool Calm and Collected for 5 days I noticed a change in my boy's behaviour.  His issue was never while ridung but was always a little jumpy while I was on the ground and very unsettled tied up.   He is now very relaxed whilst tied and a lot more chilled to do things around now.  Definitely something I'll continue to add to my feed.


    Kristy G - June 2023

    I have been using Cool Calm and Collected for over 6 months on my highly strung young horse.  I feed it the week leading up to an event and he is a different horse.  He goes from being reactive and tense, to rideable and producing relaxed dressage tests at events.  I love it.




    Suzanne - February 2022

    Hi, I've been using Cool Calm and Collected since 2013.  I use it daily in my horses's feed.  I particularly like the high level of tryptophan in the calmer. The horses have it mixed in their feed and have not had any taste issues ie no spittimg out of their feed.   I would happily recommend the product based on my exerience.

    Lauren O - June 2022 

    "I have Definitely noticed changes in him since starting the Cool Calm and Collected. He is alot more calm. Awesome Results."

    Tracy M – July 2021

    “I’ve had my new mare on Cool Calm and Collected for the 6 weeks I’ve owned her. I haven’t ridden in 25 yrs. she’s 7yo with only 22 weeks starting and further training, so she is as green as any young horse. So, since I bought her 2 small rides straight from 2 yrs, out in the paddock with 1 tiny ride a yr ago and she’s been pretty good considering her exposure to trail riding is zero. Swear by all of Julie Cook's products and advice.”

    Jodie P - March 2021

    “It has worked wonders for my mare!”

    Chloe L – November 2020

    “For a lot of horse people this won’t be a big deal at all but for this boy it is. Ydwer has suffered with bad anxiety issues for most of his life. He would flinch at someone touching him, jump if I coughed and see monsters everywhere. So I decided to try him on Natures Farmacy's 'Cool Calm and Collected' made by Julie Cook to see if his brain could settle a bit so we could work through some issues. Well this is him after being on it only 5 days. Normally he would have bolted and be on the other side of the paddock and not daring to eat while the hedge was being done. Yesterday we calmly walked past the lawnmower while in use (again not a huge thing for a lot of horses) and he was able to focus on what I was asking and dawdle around the house yard with me. I was so impressed. I’m very hopeful now the big boy will be able to get some mental relief and we can push forward with more training. Can’t thank Julie enough with how much she’s helped our horses”

    Jo H – September 2020

    “Don’t think I can live without Cool Calm and Collected and Oziflex from Natures Farmacy for my show team. Wonderful products that WORK!”

    Olivia C - June 2019
    So far he seems happier and more relaxed, last time m daughter tried to sit on him bareback he was so restless and nervous she actually could'nt even get on (pictured sitting on him, cuddling him!). 

    Katrina L – July 2018

    “Just wanted to say thank you for your support and advice. Thanks to you Chevy is getting better and better his really starting to relax more when we are showing it has been such a blessing. I’ve seen a big improvement” (Chevy is on 'Cool Calm and Collected').