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Natures Farmacy - HA HAppy Trails Hyaluronic Acid - Julie Cook

When taken orally Hyaluronic Acid (HA) of high molecular weight (HMW*) has been scientifically proven to increase levels of synovial fluid in joints. Joint fluid builds, nourishes, lubricates, repairs and prevents degeneration of cartilage and joint structures. **


Compare the cost of other HA formulas and the HA content and you will find HAppy Trails TM is the most economical HA product available in Australia.


Dosage -  10 ml per day  (10 ml provides 150mg HA) or as otherwise advised by Natures Farmacy


Also available in powder form - at same price and same concentration.  Just put a note on your order that you want the powder product or call us to discuss which is best for your horse.


**- Seek Veterinary advice if your horse has existing health issues

Please contact Natures Farmacy prior to purchase of ths product,  for a complimentary consultation to ensure this product is the right solution for your horse. Please phone us on 0417055645 or email

HAppy Trails Hyaluronic Acid

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  • Serena F - October 2022

    "I just wanted to let you know that the Happy Trails seems to be helping my boy Rocco. He seems far more comfortable on his “bad leg.” I haven’t even had to use the substibute yet. "