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Natures Farmacy Australia Julie Cook


Natures Farmacy

Julie Cook
Equine Naturopathic Herbal and Nutritional Medicine

With advice from Natures Farmacy you can ensure your horse’s nutritional intake for energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, omegas, and health supplements, is balanced for mental health, peak performance, and recovery. 

Whether you have a paddock pony, pony clubber, racehorse, broodmare, foal, aged horse, or performance horse, in every field of equestrian sport, we can check what you are feeding and supplementing, to take into consideration their environment, mind, body, workload, your goals for them, and any existing health concerns.

With 35 years’ experience in Equine and Human Nutrition and as an Equine and Human Medical Herbalist, and with literally thousands of equine clients in Australia and Internationally, we achieve outstanding results for horses and their owners and can save you $$$$.  

We understand horses, and research latest equine clinical science. We work with your vets, therapists and trainers to optimize results for your individual horse.

Natures Farmacy formulas use the highest quality science proven nutraceuticals and supplement ingredients.  We prescribe medical grade (Practitioner only dispensed) liquid herbal extracts, standardised for quality and effect (as opposed to dried herbs). 

Our supplements focus on vitamin and mineral balance, prebiotic/probiotics, acidosis, immune system and antioxidant status.  We see outstanding result with our COOL CALM AND COLLECTED supplement for nervous system resilience in times of stress and anxiety. 


 RETROFLAM and GASTROCULTURE assist stomach, hind gut, gastric and digestive/mycotoxin health.    We specialise in supporting joint, tendon, ligament and hoof health, laminitis, muscle health and muscular disorders, to reduce performance fatigue, and assist exercise recovery with OZIFLEX JOINT FOOD, EQUESSENTIAL JOINT, GROWING PAINS and HAppy Trails Hyaluronic Acid, TENDON LOVING CARE, HOOF N' HAIR,  BEMag, MUSCLE MAGIC, EQUESSENTIAL AMINO and STAMUSCLE. 


We assist respiratory issues such as COPD/Heaves, neurological disorders, Stringhalt and Cushing's.  Our Herbal Liquid SUBSTIBUTE assists in times of injury, inflammation, healing and pain.  SASSY FIX assists endocrine and hormonal balance.

Natures Farmacy formulas do not contravene regulatory requirements for competition horses and are APVMA END compliant.

We can help your horse achieve its best health.
Just contact us for a complimentary nutrition and wellbeing consultation.
We acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi/ Gamilaroi/ Gomeroi people. We recognise their continuing connection to this land and pay our respects to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal people.



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